About Schnelle

Schnelle Jefferson has been a licensed and certified makeup artist for 10 years, native born of Baltimore Maryland. Schnelle discovered her love for makeup at a young age; while constantly playing in it and applying it to herself and friends, to perfect the most subtle and natural makeup look to be undetectable to any eye! Her passion for makeup grew and grew as she found herself spending any money that landed in her hands on makeup. She dipped and dabbled into all cosmetic lines, from the most elite to your typical drugstore cosmetic lines. She quickly deciphered what she loved about the different cosmetic lines and why. She narrowed her likes and necessities down to texture, finished look, and what was in demand! ​She still live by these three concepts today! Schnelle has worked for cosmetic lines such as Mac Cosmetics, Makeup by Misha, Prescriptives, Clinque, where she developed the skill to apply beautiful makeup to any ethnicity, skin type, and eye shape. Her desire to spread the love about the beauty and benefit of makeup has taken her along the path to work with models and modeling agencies such as T. Vincent MGMT, Creative Hysteria Photography, Fashion Week Baltimore, and many more in the fashion industry! Never forgetting her girl next door, prom, working mom, little princess, bridal clients who are equally important to her! Schnelle is a excellent builder of ones talent, which has lead her to establish a team of makeup and hairstylist to assist her on her journey! She stands by the belief that their is plenty room for others talent, and more than one talent working together can paint the world prettier and more detailed than one talented mind standing alone!​